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Engineering & Industrial Software S.p.A., is a company for system integration, founded in 1984 by professionals from large international realities with the goal of establishing one of the main Italian players in the market of integrated physical insurance, and more besides.    


Main Activities

  • Design and realization of integrated security systems designed to protect assets and critical infrastructure
  • Development and implementation of ICT solutions for the management and integration of complex technological systems
  • Engineering and construction of equipment and technological components
  • Design and management of mobile vehicles and command and control units in civil and military areas
  • Full after-sales service, system and operation support

Areas and main solutions

  • Video Surveillance Systems, Access Control, Anti-Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems, wireless and cable
  • Centralized Platforms for management and monitoring of technological infrastructure (both proprietary and market)
  • Airport and Synoptics Systems (Standard WMO / ICAO) and “meteorological message handling»
  • Design and construction of geographical network, cable and wireless, infrastructure
  • Solutions in building automation

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