The I&SI Spa has an inner structure specialized in the manufacturing of hardware and software ‘Custom’ products.

In particular the activity is carried out to provide its clients with customized solutions where there are no “off the shelf” products, or for the integration and recovery of products and subsystems existing.

Among the many achievements mentioned there are:

  • The development of different PSIM platforms;
  • The integration of VMS applications;
  • The development of drivers for the integration of equipment, systems and sensors;
  • The embodiment of “message switching” platforms;
  • Terminals with biometric recognition technology of the face and the texture of the skin (skin texture);
  • Hands-free biometric Gates of the “not collaborative” type (fast pass);
  • The development of AWS stations (Automatic Weather Station);
  • The development of ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) systems, dedicated to the flight assistance;
  • The embodiment of field concentrators with data transmission via SNMP;
  • Concentrators data;
  • Integration between MMW anti-intrusion radar and thermal camera with “data fusion” between the various subsystems.
  • Integration with optical “long range” sonar and radar;
  • The realization of operational furniture and special means rooms;
  • Automatic shelter levelling systems;
  • Mobile weather, air-transportable units with automatic loading;
  • Equipped shelters for access control and management of the protocol on the legality of public works
  • Vehicular access Control matching the plate of the vehicle and its form;
  • Remote control systems for the headlights and beacons with IP67 protection.
  • Management Systems of the visitors to “Enterprise” class;
  • Building automation software.

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