IDF ( Intelligent Data Fusion)

reti-neuraliThe I&SI, in the face of precise requests from its reference market (integrated security systems aimed at protecting critical infrastructures and large “Enterprise” Classes distributed over national and international territory) has for a long time initiated an innovation path of the system and design approach of security systems with objectives of evolution and improvement of performance largely coinciding with the expectations of its customers. Due to its strong characteristics of innovation, the process initiated required the complete redefinition of the traditional approach to designing security systems by redesigning punctually all the functional aspects of the individual components and subsystems.

The new model is based on the introduction of an appliance based on IA (Artificial Intelligence) that overcomes the concept of “protection based on point sensors” by implementing what can be defined as an “Area protection” based on the strategic positioning of thermal cameras at long range, volumetric sensors and protection systems of large areas such as LIDAR.

This design model also provides for a substantial reduction in the number of equipment required compared to traditional systems, achieving both an increase in performance and a significant reduction in costs and construction times, so the appliance will be equipped with IDF software (“Intelligent Data-Fusion “) of I&SI able to transform the data received into a qualified and reliable information, with this solution we want to arrive at a” situational awareness “specific to the security system that becomes” intelligent “because it is able to perceive from the elements the specifics that make it up (sensors, cameras, etc.) and environmental ones (weather, alert level) the meaning of an event by notifying the control center as a certified alarm information

I&SI, aware of the innovation represented by the application of AI to the security sector, has integrated its skills by acquiring highly specialized resources from university and research environments, and in this sense has also formalized specific collaboration agreements with University Departments and innovative start-ups.

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