Integrated platforms for managing”P.S.I.M.”

(2008-09-19-20.44.44S.A.R.A. (A smart approach to integrated security) is a software platform for open, real-time integration, which, I&SI has designed and built in order to ensure the logic interconnection between the different systems, devices and applications in the world of safety, energy management and building automation. S.A.R.A provides a common set of services which carry out the collection and correlation of data of technical, managerial and economic nature for the management of events generated in the field from the most diverse devices and subsystems. It represents a crucial information asset, and is able to generate added value in terms of knowledge and skills. Thanks to its modular architecture, S.A.R.A platform can be successfully used in both small sites and in more articulated realities with sites that are distributed over vast areas of territory. The use of multiple servers and redundant configurations give the product modularity, reliability and robustness and make it the perfect choice for the technology management of complex structures.

2013-06-12-15.03.04Key Features of the S.A.R.A. system:

Thanks to its ability to read all of data types, S.A.R.A. represents a window on operational activities and provides accurate, real-time information to management systems using the following key features:

  • Collection: The Subsystem Intelligent Drivers (SIDs) are interfaces for the exchange of real-time information with the controlled devices and subsystems.
  • Analysis: The S.A.R.A. Rules Engine Module (REM) analyzes and correlates the data received to present a true picture of the situation.
  • Verification: relevant information is readily presented in a format that is easy to interpret and in full compliance with the policies established by the organization.
  • Reporting: the integrated module of the management reporting tracks the required information and generates statistical data and detail.

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